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I still dont understand the purpose of Balarama's incarnation. The website
you referred to says -

BalarAma AvatAra
This AvatAra and that of Sri KRISHNA happened in DvApara yuga. Vasudeva's
first wife was Rohini. The second wife was Devaki. For the seventh time
Devaki conceived and it was BalarAma. But, by Lord's `Yogamaya' the foetus
was transferred from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini. So, it is the
same VishNu
who played a dual role as KrishNa and BalarAma, though some hold that like
Lakshmana in TrEta yuga, BalarAma in DvApara yuga was the manifestation of
Aadhisesha. BALARAMA AVATARA was not a PURNA AVATARA, say some scholars.

Elsewhere it also says

BalarAma avatAram (8th in the list) is not taken by PerumAL
  Himself directly. BalarAma is an avatAram of AdisEsha only. But,
  Lord invested more potencies unto AdisEsha for performing some
  leelAs as BalarAma. Though as a nitya-sUri he can perform many
  leelAs, its just the will of PerumAL in investing some potencies
  unto BalarAmar and thus counted as a (secondary) avatAram of   PerumAL.

What should I figure out from this?

>No they are not redundant. None of the achArya-s feel so. I do not >think
>would be wise to have one's own logic in understanding the purpose of >the
>avataram-s without the guidance of an acharya. I am sure you will not
> >argue
>about the importance of an acharya.

Obviously, I am not going to believe that duality exists in the state of
liberation, inspite of an AchAryA saying it. Nor did I ever believe Sri Adi
Shankara's advaita, just because I was born in that tradition. If an
AchAryA's word is perfect, why would there be another AchAryA to dispute it?

If you still maintain that Balarama is an incarnation, you would be lowering
the status of nArAyaNa Himself(as Balarama was not always on the side of
dharma.) It is upto you whether you want to believe your AchAryA and lower
the status of nArAyaNa.

Best Regards

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