Dasa Avatars

B. Shankar ShankarPll at AOL.COM
Tue Apr 29 10:15:01 CDT 2003


In response to Sri Kalyan Chakravarti’s comments:

>...And please tell me in what way did Buddha commit adharma?

Buddha (S.G) did not commit adharma (by his definitions) and indeed most
would agree that he did a great deal of “good” by most definitions. This is
however irrelevant. It does not negate my original argument namely that S.G
as an Avatar is inconsistent with the rest of the Avatars.

Leaving his rejection of the Vedas as side, the other two other points have
equal resonance:

Firstly, S.G refutes the existence of an Atma. An Avatar who does not
believe in the soul?

Secondly, though S.G was silent on the question of the existence of God,
his follower’s (rationally) interpreted the silence in the pursuance of
doctrines that negated the existence of God. An Avatar who did not believe
in Himself?

Regardless of how great a man he was, or how much Dharma he accomplished –
these two incontrovertible facts alone, in my humble opinion, make any
suggestion that he was an Avatar absurd. I think, with all respect, the
question of Dharma misses the point - if Dharma alone makes an Avatar then
we should have many great personages who qualify. I should have thought S.G
himself would have found the idea preposterous and wholly inconsistent with
his philosophy.



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