Creation theories (was Re: What is the exactmeaning/significance of this?)

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praNAm prabhujis
Hare Krishna

I had forwarded this mesg. directly to Sri Vidya prabhuji for his kind
clarifications.   I think due to time constraints he may not be able to
clear my doubts.  Hence I seek the help of learned members of this list .

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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praNAm Vidya prabhuji,
Hare Krishna

Ma U must also be understood on at least two levels, the individual and the
cosmic. In all the Upanishads, the person in deep sleep is said to have
become one (ekIbhUta) or to have attained his "own" state (svam apiti =
svapiti, see Ch U or Br U). That is to say, in the deep sleep state, the
jIva is actually immersed in Brahman, which is in all beings
(sarvAntaryAmI). This is because the jIva desires nothing and sees no
dreams, but remains as consciousness alone or as a "mass of consciousness"
(prajnAna-ghana). However, the jIva may remain unaware of this, due to the
fact that its associated ignorance has not been removed.

>  prabhuji I have a small doubt here.  How can jIva still carry agnAna
(ignorance) eventhough it has attained its *own* state i.e. ekIbhUtatva or
sarvAntaryAmItva.  What is the locus of agnAna in this state??  since there
is no jIvahood as such & it is ekIbhUta should we say then brahman is the
locus of it doesn't make any sense ..... pls. clarify.

>  Further, I have the doubt about the meaning of this *ghana* are we not
objectifying the all pervading consciousness by saying * prajnAna-ghana* or
accumulation of consciousness.  I think it is giving us an impression that
there is partition in consciousness & we are putting it together...

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!
 your humble servant

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