[Advaita-l] VichAra-sAgaraM of NishchaladAsa - Information required

S Venkatraman svenkat52 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 22:23:44 CST 2003

Namaste Gadiyaramji,
Is this the same book by Nishchaladas that Prof. Krishnamurthy was asking about? I have seen this book but did not buy it thinking that it is different from the one by Nishchaladas. Could you please confirm. Many thanks and praNAms,
hariH Om  !!

Vicharsagar - The Metaphysics of the Upanishads
translated into English by Lala Sreeram, published by
Munshilal Manoharlal Publishers PVT. LTD., New Delhi,
first published in 1885, recent edition 1994 Rs. 425/-

I got it from Motilal Banarsidas, New Delhi.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- "V. Krishnamurthy" 
> Namaste
> In the discourses of the Paramacharya on advaita, the
> compiler Shri R. Ganapathy refers to a work in Hindi
> (later translated into Sanskrit) called VichAra-Sagaram' of
> NischaladAsa. I have heard my father also speak of a
> 'VichAra-SAgaram' now and then. Does any one know about
> where I can lay my hands on it? Sundarji? 
> PraNAms to all advaitins
> profvk 

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