[Advaita-l] downloads ... should this be of any help to you ... (fwd)

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Thu Dec 18 22:12:53 CST 2003

One of our list members sent along the following link:

§§ ShriMathreya Namah: §§


  With blessings of mother Lalitha, I have placed these pious
contributions at my site.Please, point ur browser to
http://www.shivarajan.com/downloads for more information on some
downloads, which you may be interested in.

  I will be more than happy to help anyone, who can add up this
collection(s) with his/her own contributions. This can be achieved by a
Dedicated FTP channel setup for such people willing to upload at my

  I also, request your good-self (esp. if u r an Administrator or
Moderator of a Website) to kindly include the above Site's Address in the
Links Page of your Website.

Kind Regards - Shiva
§§ ShriMathreya Namah: §§

  with Regards
Shivarajan Varadarajan

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