[Advaita-l] Advaitasiddhi - A Critical Study

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>Thank you for your below mail.
>I had gone through Anand Hudli's mail on advaitasiddhi. Thats the reason 
>I wanted to learn more of it !

It would probably be an euphemism to say that there has been a delay in 
continuing the advaita siddhi series. Let me offer my apologies.

I had left the discussion on the third definition of mithyAtva incomplete by 
providing only the objections against it. This is the definition 
-jnAnanivartyatvaM vA mithyAtvam.h- what is unreal is something that is 
sublated or negated by jnAna. I am currently looking at a dvaita text called 
the pramANa paddhati by the eminent dvaita scholar JayatIrtha. This text, 
among a lot of other things, deals with the dvaita explanation of error 
(ayathArtha-jnAna). Jayatirtha criticizes the theories of other schools 
including nyAya, mImAMsA, advaita (he refers to mayAvAdA), and the heterodox 
schools. Finally, he gives the dvaita explanation, which is hard to 
understand if one is accustomed to thinking of error using the snake-on-rope 
or silver-on-nacre examples of classical advaita. He holds that the silver 
is utterly false (atyanta-asat), whereas advaita holds the silver to be 
anirvachanIya. As long as the state of illusion persists, the silver is 
perceived. A person seeing it may bend down to pick it up! It is only when 
the illusion gets sublated by the realization of the nacre that the silver 
ceases to exist.   Now, vyAsatIrtha the author of the dvaita text 
nyAyAmR^ita, obviously accepting JayatIrtha, raises the objections that we 
have seen in the last article in the series.

I will continue the series soon.


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