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On Thu, 25 Dec 2003, Ranjeet Sankar wrote:

> I would like to know about the books (in english) by Swami Saccidanandedra
> related to this "hijacking". I would also like to have some information
> regarding the other books written by him. Recommendations by the learned
> members are most welcome.

Swami Sacchidanandendra Sarasvati of Holenarsipur, Karnataka, was one of
the foremost Advaitins of the 20th century IMO though not as well
publicised as some others.  He wrote extensively in Sanskrit and other
languages.  One of his books which I have read and which develops the
thesis mentioned above is called Vedantaprakriyapratyabhijna.  It was
translated into English by A.J. Alston under the name "The Method of the
Vedanta" (London, New York; Keegan Paul International; 1989)

Swamijis' problem is with the two main commentorial traditions on the
Brahmasutrabhashya -- the Bhamati of Vachaspati Mishra, and the
Panchapadika of Padmapadacharya.  He feels that in order to combat
objections from rival schools they have unnecessarily complicated Advaita
Vedanta and brought in foreign notions.  The sadhaka is much better served
by ignoring them and concentrating on Shankaracharyas' works themselves.
In this book, he also takes a good look at which works ascribed to
Shankaracharya are genuine (i.e. accurately reflect what he wrote in
prasthana trayi bhashyas.) and which are probably later.

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