[Advaita-l] Contradictions between Shankara and his disciples

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> Then there is the case of PadmapAda's panchapAdikA:
> ---
> We find in Shankara's Brahma sUtra bhAshhya (BSB) the expressions
> "This
> very superimposition, thus defined, the wise call 'Ignorance' (1.1.1,
> introduction), and Name and Form (nAma-rUpa), imagined through
> ignorance as if they were the true form of the Lord..."...
> But in the PanchapAdikA we find it said that Ignorance 'is spoken of
> in
> many different ways in the Vedas, smritis, Epics and PurANas, such as
> Name and Form (nAma-rUpa)..."...
> Here there is a clear contradiction between the commentary of the
> BhagavatpAda and the PanchapAdikA. For, in the commentary, name and
> form are said to be IMAGINED THROUGH Ignorance...But in the
> PanchapAdikA they are said to BE Ignorance and mAyA [Emphases
> author's].


I agree with Shree SSS  last statement that any resolution of conflict
should be on the basis if the verdic of Vedas and reason. 

On the later basis I question the statements that relate to naama-ruupa
to ignorance.  Due to ignorance one can have naama-ruupa but naama-ruupa
does not necessarily implies ignorance.  The issue being a jiivanmukta
can see the plurality involving naama ruupa -which essentially viewed as
aiswaryam -the ignorance is only then taking the plurality as reality -
that is delusion of moha. If one looks from the perspective of realizes
soul - and look at the comentary on just on its own basis will be
misleading. As I see it, Padmapaada's conmentary makes the problem

I thought basic objection of Shree SSS interms of shankara's vs post
shankara advaitins' commentaries is regarding the issue of the nature of
ignorance - Shree SSS claim is that post shankara adviatins have
interpreted it as bhaava ruupa, which became the target for subsequent
criticism by other schools, while Shankara did not consider it to be so.
Any thoughts on that? 

Hari OM!

> There are more examples of contradictions between Shankara and his
> disciples. SSS explains what can be done to resolve the
> contradictions:
> "Where the commentary and the subsidiary explanation conflict, one
> must
> resort to the verdict of the Veda and reasoning."
> Regards,
> Kartik
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