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56. Neither by the practice of Yoga or of Samkhya philosophy, nor by good
works, nor by learning, does liberation come; but only through the
realization that Atman and Brahman are one – in no other way.

58. Erudition, well articulated speech, a wealth of words and skill in
expounding the scriptures – these give pleasure to the learned but they do
not bring liberation.

59. Study of the scriptures is fruitless as long as Brahman has not been
experienced. And when Brahman has been experienced, it is useless to read
the scriptures.

61. When a man has been bitten by the snake of ignorance he can only be
cured by the realization of Brahman. Of what use are the Vedas and
scriptures, charms or herbs?

65. A buried treasure is not uncovered by merely uttering the words : “come
forth”. You must follow the right directions, dig, remove the stones and
earth from above it and then make it your own. In the same way the pure
truth of the atman which is buried under maya and the effects of maya can be
reached by meditation, contemplation and other spiritual disciplines such as
a knower of Brahman can prescribe – but never by subtle arguments.

69. Of the steps to liberation, the first is declared to be complete
detachment from all things which are non-eternal. Then comes the practice of
tranquility, self-control and forbearance. And then the entire giving up of
all actions which are done from personal, selfish desire.

81. A spoilt intellect will try to go through the path of the objects of the
senses and dies at every step.

82. If you have desire for liberation give up like poison from a long
distance the objects of the senses and take to contentment, kindness,
forgiveness, straight forwardness and peace.

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