New member introduction: Grace Torsanko

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Tue Feb 4 11:49:21 CST 2003

Since I was about 7 years old I have looked for answers with no
satisfaction. I was raised Catholic but found no help in understanding
questions I had. When I was in college I learned of Transcendental
Meditation, TM, but as a single parent I could not afford the fee. I've
attempted to find answers through reading, which lead me into and through
metaphysics, testimonies of afterlife experiences, Yoga and the body's
energy, Chakras etc. I've gone back to the King James version of the
Scriptures, I've read books on the journey of Christ before his death,
books on philosophy, all types of self help, it's endless. The closest I
ever came to what I knew was true was a book written based on the surmons
of Mister Eckhart, a 16th Century German Catholic priest..With many
obstacles through the years, it has taken a long time to find Advaita or
I-Ching. Through the internet looking into Horoscope and Fung Shui just
for fun, I was curious when I saw I-Ching. In reading some of what I found
I discovered a name finally for what I have known all of my life. I would
very much enjoy learning more even though the language is difficult to me.
I don't think it will be any time soon that I will become more fluent in
the language but perhaps over time with practice I may do better. To learn
this philosophy is what I would hope to gain and be able to experience the
oneness and peace I know we all are. To me it's a matter of knowing how to
tap in on or reach. I've tried meditation methods and it seems too
difficult for something that should be so natural. The right understanding
of the truth is needed (I think) in order to be able to be in touch with
the core of our true being; To feel and know the core of our very
 I am grateful for people who want to teach and/or share for teaching
purposes, even though it would be a while before I ever got brave enough
and smart enough to ask any questions. I suspect I will be a student for
quite sometime before ever being able to ask any intelligent question. But
then in studying I may see any question I may have may already be
answered. Thank you for for your response. I look forward to the
opportunity should it be granted. Grace

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