Nature of Grace

Rolando Santos sivadancer at YAHOO.COM
Tue Feb 4 11:21:29 CST 2003

Namaste Respected Members,

I am new to the list and also to Advaita, so please forgive my question if
it is basic.

My question is about grace and is based on the following that I have learned
so far:

1) Brahman remains an unaffected witness

2) Only Brahman chooses who to grace with jnana

3) any practices or karma cannot result in jnana

4) Brahman seems to only grace those who are doing some practice (maybe
there are a few "innocents" who are "struck by lightning" but the majority
or those graced are those who are doing some sort of meditation or
contemplation practice.)

Therefore it seems that Brahman does not remain unaffected; Brahman is
affected by practice, choosing to grace those who do so practice. And
therefore it seems practices are needed to secure the grace of Brahman.

Please help me to clarfiy..

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