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>Can you please enlighten me on the below mentioned aspects :
>1     Can you please send the text of Savitri Mantra ?
>2     What is the significance & importance of this Mantra in Daily Life ?
>3     Meaning of this Mantra ?
>4     How, when, for whom and where is it recommended to be recited ?
>regards - Sarin Rajesh


As Jaldhar pointed out, sAvitrI mantra is nothing but the famous gAyatrI
mantra. Look at the archives for the related information.

You can do a search on the web and easily find meanings of this mantra.

Here is some information that I have gathered in the past year or
so. List members might find it useful.

1. gAyatrI mantra appears to be a prayer to the sun god. It is much
more than that.

2. The real meaning of this mantra either reveals itself to the sAdhaka
or has to be learnt from your guru.

3. This mantra is the key to unlock the vidyA-trayi, the three fold
vidyA of Rk-yajus-sAma.

4. It seems this mantra is also the key to understand the shrI vidyA.
(shrI vidyA mantra itself might just be a more clearly spelled out
version of gAyatrI.)

5. gAyatrI/ sAvitrI vidyA is described in bRhadAraNyaka upanishad, 5.14.

6. Some accounts say that the famous brahmAstra is invoked via a mantra
derived from gAyatrI !!

Bottom line: gAyatrI is THE supreme mantra, worthy of upAsanA.

Corrections are welcome.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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