Statements in our shastras

ravi chandrasekhara vadhula at YAHOO.COM
Sun Feb 9 22:41:17 CST 2003

Dear members,

I picked up some English translations of quotes from
our shastras; do they actualy say this or are these

Apastamba DharmaSutra (2:8)

"As it is a sin to touch a Candala, so is it to
speak to or to look at one"

 Gautama DharmaSutra (12: 1-6)
"If a Sudra uses abusive language or physical
violence against twice  born people, the part of his
body used for the
crime should be chopped off. If he has sex with an
Arya woman, his penis should be cut off and all his
property confiscated, if the women had a guardian,
then, in addition to the above, he shall be
executed. And if he listens in on a Vedic
recitation, his ears shall be filled with molten tin
or lac, if he repeats it, his tongue shall be cut off,
if he commits it to memory, his body
shall be split asunder."

Vasista DharmaSutra (3:1)

"Brahmins who are not learned, do not teach, or who
do not maintain the sacred fires become equal to

Pranam, Ravi Chandrasekhara MD

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