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On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, nanda chandran wrote:

> 204. There is water mixed with mud; and when the mud subsides the water
> remains clear or when the mud is separated from water you see the clear
> water. But the water when mixed with its upaadhi (the mud) does not appear
> clear. So also when you separate the Atman from its upaadhi, the non-self,
> the atman shines in its own glory. (A Taoist advice in line with the
> Advaitic path : How do you clear up muddied water? Don’t do anything - just
> let it be and the mud will sink down).

Actually it doesn't sound like the Advaitic path.  But it does sound a lot
like the Samkhya path.  I don't know how well Yin and Yang correspond to
Purush-Prakrti but I find it interesting that the dualism is also
expressed in male-female terms.  Though as this is one one of the most
fundamental human relationships perhaps it is not so surprising.

Anyway the same criticism applies.  Ok your mud has sunk to the bottom and
the water is pure.  What is to prevent it from getting all mudied up

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