Elisabeth Faulkner emfaulkner at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Feb 19 15:37:14 CST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, I wrote:

>> The water must dry off.

>The question is how?  there has to be sunshine or absorbent paper
or something.  the water doesn't dry itself.

I'm confused - first the question seemed to be how to separate mud from
water. One way is to remove the water, like drying. Does it matter how?
Why would it matter how? There was a want/need to make the separation.
Does path matter?

Another way to remove oneself from a mix of mud and water is to seek out
the deeper water or faster flowing water. There is danger in this -
either on the way or while in the pure water.

But I ask: why want to separate mud from water? Each needs the other to
flouirsh. Inherent instabilities and excesses/deficits although the
unique characteristics of each to stand out, but they are transient

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