Agamashastra of Gaudapada

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--- Malolan Cadambi <cadambi at HOTPOP.COM> wrote:
> Any insights into the contents of the book? Does
> Gaudapada speak about the
> Agama-s in that book?

 Namaste Malolan
I have a copy of of Gaudapada Karika in front of me
here which was published by the Bhandarkar Oreintal
Research Institute, Poona, in 1973.

This author refers to, and builds on, Professor
Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya's work on the Agamashastra
of Gaudapada.

May I also recommend an excellent work 'Gaudapada' by
T.M.P Mahadevan published by the University of Madras
in 1960.  According to the price in the book it cost
16 rupees.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that this is of help.   Both books have very
informative introductions.
I do not know how well you know the Mandukya Upanishad
and there are much better shcolars on this site to
give you direct knowledge of the texts but I could
have a look at the books...if you cannot find them
where you see if I can answer any specific
question for you,

best wishes

ken knight

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