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Dear Shri Nandachandran and yourself,
It was not possible for me to access the webpage referred by you. Couldyou let me know alternative ways of going to the page and go through your work on Gaudapada?
Actually, I have been wanting to place the manuscript document available with me which comprises of the direct preaching done to my late father by Baba Narmade Har  on the banks of the river Narmada on Mandukya Karika by Gaudapadacharya.
Just to give you an idea of the level of preachings, the beginning of Chapter I in Agama Prakarana starts like follows: (I am giving here only a few paragraphs and hope to set them all in a proper place for the benefit of all sadhakas). Shall await responses from devoted people like you to the subject of Advaita regarding the best place where these can be placed. Regards.
Chapter I.
Agama Prakarana
1. Pragyaanamshu pradaanaihi:
Pragyaana - amsu - pradaanaihi
Pragyaanam beyond Avachhedya - avachhedaka bhaava: Beyond three limits and three bedhaas. The word Pragyaanam is equal to Aavihi, jyotihi, anubhutihi, etc.,
Amshu: Jeevaathmaa . Amshu is a word which shows the meaning of Ray which lightens the object and then even though Swayam invisible for ever still when lighteans the object,becomes known by experience.
Sthira chara nikara vyaapibhihi :
Sthita:Immovable creatures;Nikara- lots;vyaapibhihi;pervaders.The expansion of jeevathmas which are in the form of rays of Pragyaana, pearvade sthira  chara nikhara (lots) and thus
Vyaapya lokaan :All knowable things in this world are pervaded by this. Sruti also:
(Sarvam jagat idam tvai pratyeti. Tvaiyi pratyeti= Just like shukthi rupya ,dvai as a shelter-on you,the whole visible universe has obtained the yogyatva of visibility)
Bhuthva bhogaan sthavishtaan. Bhogan: Sukham dukham;sthavishtaan=generated by the help of pancha maha bhootha pancheekarana sthula objects.
Shall await your response.


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Hare Krishna

This may help you

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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Please respond to List for advaita vedanta as taught by Shri Shankara

Dear List members

Nanda Chandran and I have created a webpage on Gaudapada Acharya at

Please review it and let us have your suggestions. Please do point out
errors if any (besides the formatting error in the 'References' section
we are aware of). I want to add a section on 'Related Links'. Therefore,
please let us know if any such websites, especially those that have
translations of the Karikas. We would like to link them to our website.

I thank all for the feedback on the other articles (I still have tO respond
personally to 2 members of the list) and will work on the corrections after
I complete one more article (review of an Indology publication).

Do note that I am very averse to replacing traditions with **baseless**
speculations in the name of Indology or 'critical scholarship'. If there
such instances in the article, let us know so that it is made more in
harmony with tradition Advaita beliefs.


Vishal Agarwal

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