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> Dear Amba Devotee,
> Ardhanareeshwera is called because THIS WAS LORD SHIVA
> WHO showed his swaroop(form) to BRAHMAJI after
> creation of the WORLD to supress BRAHMAJI'S ahamkara
> (proud), that came after BRAHMAJI created world.
> This was to show BRAHMAJI that HE (LORD SHIVA with
> SHAKTI) is the only truth.


I would like to share what I feel about this episode.

When hiranyagarbha, conceived the idea of a human body,
he became a man. When he started contemplating on how the
corresponding female form should be, shri rudra helped
him by assuming the ardhanArI form. The point to be made
here is: male and female forms of species are dual of one
another. Define one and you have already defined the
other. shri rudra, who very well understood this duality,
showed hiranyagarbha that since he has come up with the
human male form, this is what the counterpart should be like.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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