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> (1) A desire to understand the Advaitic perspective on
> consciousness and mind,

What is real is pure undifferentiated consciousness i.e. Brahman.  But
because of maya, this consciousness seems to be fragmented.  Those
fragments that are self-aware call their consciousness "mind."

> (2) Understanding the Advaitic critique of the reality
> of the phenomenal world and its critique of the
> realist accounts of notions such as causality, and,

It should be noted that Advaita Vedanta does accept the existence of
"stuff" i.e. it is not idealistic in the philosophical sense.  The problem
is not that what is out there is unreal but that it is misunderstood,
misinterpreted.  In particular, the essential unity of all things is
misunderstood as multiplicity.

Some idealistic Buddhists do critique causality but such a thing would not
be of much concern to realists.  I'm not aware off-hand of any such Advaita
Vedantic critiques.  Well maybe the Mandukyakarikas do.  (And for this
reason Gaudapadacharya is suspected of "Buddhist influence.")  But I'm not
sure, I'd have to look it up for you.

> (3) Understanding the philosophical basis for the
> practice of jnana yoga.

Because of the misunderstanding caused by ignorance, sentient beings are
afflicted by pain and suffering.  Although there are various temporary
palliatives, only jnana is a permanent cure.

The doctrices and practices of Advaita Vedanta are the practical method by
which jnana can be attained.

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