ADVAITA-L Digest - 5 Jan 2003 to 6 Jan 2003 (#2003-4)

Malolan Cadambi cadambi at HOTPOP.COM
Sat Jan 11 09:40:46 CST 2003

>Personally, I have no problems or emotional attachments to these things. I
>would not be worried   even if Klingons take away all our temples.
>Anything external will be eventually taken away. Either time or kings or
>conquerors will destroy them. The best temple one have have is in one's
>heart, and it is a portable heaven.

Stephen Huyler in his book, says that our kings of yore, immortalised
themselves through temples. They had a deeply ingrained thought that empires
rise and fall, but the religious nature of man will never fall. Satyam Eva

In europe and elsewhere you do not attach importance to the kings through
much of their contributions. The civilizations of the Greeks, Egyptians are
long gone. I am glad to see that there is now significant rise in those
ancient religions among the educated class in Europe.

Britannia is long gone. We have been a continuous civilization right from
the time the first hominoid walk on the Shivaliks. And no, there was no
outside invasion!


Malolan Cadambi

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