Where is Odyana?

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Fri Jan 17 10:02:49 CST 2003

As Ravi and Anand mentioned, the Saubhagyabhaskara quotes a shloka from

kAtyAyanI choDDyane kAmAkhyA kAmarupake |
purNeshwarI purNagirau chaNdi jalandhare smrtA ||

know [Devi is worshipped as] Katyayani at Odyana, Kamakhya in Kamarupa,
Purneshwari at Purnagiri and Chandi at Jalandhar.

Of these, Kamakhya is the celebrated temple in Assam (Kamarupa,) Purnagiri
is in U.P. near the Nepali border and Jalandhar is in Punjab.  But where
is Odyana?  Judging by the location of the others, it should be somewhere
in North India but I've been unable to find out exactly where.  Does
anyone know?

One other piece of info:  In the Bhagavata Purana, it says that the Gopis
of Vrndavan prayed to Goddess Katyayani to win Krshna Bhagawan as their

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