Where is Odyana?

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>As Ravi and Anand mentioned, the Saubhagyabhaskara quotes a shloka from
>kAtyAyanI choDDyane kAmAkhyA kAmarupake |
>purNeshwarI purNagirau chaNdi jalandhare smrtA ||
>know [Devi is worshipped as] Katyayani at Odyana, Kamakhya in Kamarupa,
>Purneshwari at Purnagiri and Chandi at Jalandhar.

>From a haTha yoga viewpoint, oDyana (not sure of transliteration)
and jalandhar are located in our body around the throat and forehead
regions respectively. In that case, kAmarupa and purNagirI are likely
to be located in the body too. Now what is their relation to
the forms of devI that you have listed ? From what I have read this
knowledge is kept secert and not easily available. Advanced shrI vidyA
students will almost certainly know about these.

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