Where is Odyana?

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Jan 18 08:04:18 CST 2003

Hi Friends,

I would like to add to the confusion here. The historical names Odra, Udra,
Uri etc. refer to Orissa. Odyana is too similiar to be dismissed as a

Biraja pitha in Jajpur in Orissa is referred to in the Chandi and other
literature as a very ancient and important pitha and the name of the deity
Ma Biraja is taken along with the other important tantrik pithas as
Kamakhya etc. However I have to check up the link with Katyani.

With due humility Ravi, Tantra is not what it is usually taken to be. It is
the eye of the beholder that is to blame. The same woman who is a mother is
also a daughter, sister, wife and lover. It is upto the practitioner to
choose his mode of worship.

If tantra would have been so horrific a pure soul like Sri Ramakrishna
would never have practiced it.


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