Consciousness Speaks - by Sri Ramesh Balsekar

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> Recently, I read the book, “Consciousness Speaks”,
> edited talks of Sri
> Ramesh Balsekar. As it is acknowledged, Sri Ramesh
> is Self-Realised J~nani.
> The book made a good reading. A few salient points,
> I learnt are as follws:

No offense intended to anyone, but who has
"acknowledged" his "Jnani-hood"? Even if "they" did
so, does it matter?

The shAstras are clear that it is not possible to
recognize a GYAni. A teacher belonging to a valid
tradition, namely sha.nkaras tradition, is the safe
bet. Once in a while, a Ramana Maharshi may appear,
but not very often. Sha.nkara makes it very clear that
the authoritative tradition is very important in
chosing the teacher. We strive to follow sha.nkara. So
we shouldd never forget this important point.


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