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Just some more comments:

Shree Ramesh Balsekar is the disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj whose
teaching is somewhat parallel to Bhagavaan Ramana maharshi.

Although kartRitva bhava is notional as emphasized in the adhyaasa
bhaasya of Shankara, the notions locused at the local level or jiiva
level rather than lelel of totality.  Although the perturbation is from
the totality (prkRiti under the control of Iswara), individuality or the
disturbance is predominately centered in the locality with the ripplies
propatating to the totality - similar to butteyfly effect in Choas
theory. When there is no individuality, only the total perturbations
(samashhTi vasana-s) manifest causing the totality to take birth without
any individuality as in Avataara-s - then it is the benefit of the
totality the birth is taken since no jiiva notions exits in that case.
Otherwise the perturbations are local and accountable and rebirth or
trasmigration is exclusive to a locality or jiiva.  The purtabations
extend beyond jiiva since there is contribution to the surroundings by
the actions of jiiva.  Still from the point of totality which is
infinite, the purtabation is only local.  It is illogical to say there
is no rebirth at the jiiva level since it will cause two problems -
resposibility to actions that have not been done and second
unaccountablity for the actions that are done.

That is why scriptures alone form the basis for pramaaNa and not the
individual teachers.  We should take that which runs parallel to the
teaching of the scriptures as valid rejecting those that do not match,
however great we think the teacher is.

A correct teacher is one who points his disciples not to his teaching
but to the statements of the scriptures.

Shankara defines shraddhaa as - shaastrasya guruvaakyasya satya
budhyaava dhaarana -saa shraddhaa - Faith in the statements of shaastra
which are confirmed by the teachers that they are indeed true - is the

Hari OM!

> Leaving aside the question whether Sri Balsekar is a Jnani or not,
> here are
> some comments -
> Vidyasankar

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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