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On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, J Kalianandaswami wrote:

>                         "Those who know only scriptures
>                                  know nothing.
>                                To know is to be."

Where is this quotation from?  The irony is, from a book.  If one who
reads a book by Vyas Maharshi knows nothing, why should we assume someone
who reads a book by Nisargadatta knows anything?  It is nice to believe we
can just pontificate and come up with mukti but the fact is like any other
body of knowledge, it is something that is learned.  "direct experience"
may seem promising on paper but if we know anything about human nature it
is that the easiest person to cheat and delude is oneself.  This is why we
have to examine our ideas and those ideas presented to us with the razor
of the intellect and when we reach the essence, _then_and_only_then_ can
we abandon intellect.

Shastras are the accumulated record of all the generations who walked this
path before us.  To ignore them doesn't make one enlightened, just

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