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Wed Jan 29 16:23:11 CST 2003

Hari Om !!

First of all, my previous post was in reply to Sri
Vaidya Sundaram's comments.

--- Ravi <ravi at AMBAA.ORG> wrote:
> This whole thing is indeed the practice. This is can
> be truly practised
> only by those who have renounced the attachments,
> such as my wife, my
> children, wealth etc. Truly, from
> iishavAsyopanishhad it is applicable only
> to sannyAsins.

If your assumptions are correct Lord Krishna should
not have taught the Vedanta to Arjuna, and more so in
the thick of a battle. He should have restricted
himself to provoke him to fight, alone. The mere fact
that this knowlege is not restricted to Sanyasin's is
clearly demonstrated here. Do you see any 'practice'
done by Arjuna on the battle field ?

> This is what I meant by theory and practise, in my
> loosely stated response
> to Nanda.

> This is true to vedAnta also. The same vedAnta
> vAkyams, understood from a
> different stand point leads to different practises
> and different results.
> Hence, there is an underlying theoretical framework
> for advaita-vedAnta
> which in our opinion supported by veda-s, which is
> hopefully realized by
> actual practise of the s-n-m sadhana.

You agree that 's-m-n' is the practice, at most, if it
is acceptable to call it a 'practice'.

> Even now it is as loosely stated as the original
> mail.

> And I have no
> interest in further dealing with your objections.

Do you think, I have a lot of free time to keep
raising 'objections' specially because it is from
'you' ??? you have clearly 'losely' stated several
times, your own interpretaions and want everyone to
buy that ignorance ???? or atleast read your mind and
not what you post. Unfortunately, I do not have that

> Hence, you may consider
> your objections correct.

I do not need your certification. Neither do I need
your suggestion as to what I should consider as

If you were not open minded to debate, and would not
like others to point out your philosophical fallacies,
you need not post them here on this open forum.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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