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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, J Kalianandaswami wrote:

> Namaste
> To know only scripture is in fact a crime against scripture. One must put
> it into action, for it to be of any benefit.

Agreed but are there actually any people who know only scripture?  The
basic thrust of the argument of the new agers (I do not put Ramana in the
same category as the others you mentioned) is that there is something
called "direct experience" which is somehow superior to "book learning"

But what is reading a book if not an experience?  words either have the
capacity to create understanding or they don't.  This is the same as a
sound or a smell or anything else.  Also our use of the word scripture is
misleading because to English speakers it suggests a written, fixed text
whereas in India since the earliest times, oral transmission has always
been preferred.  Originally this might have been becuase their was no
knowledge of writing but even later on the spoken word held pride of
place.  Stylistically if you look at most shastraic "books" they are in
the form of conversations and debates (samvada)

All sensory experiences are filtered through the mind.  We are kidding
ourselves if we think there is any "pure" experience in which
interpretation is not involved.  So if we are going to interpret, why not
do so with the full power of our God-given faculties instead of wrapping
ourselves in some mystical fog?

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