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>From: J Kalianandaswami To know only scripture is in fact a crime against
>scripture. One must >put it into action, for it to be of any benefit.

Theory & practice is another dualism.

In Ch.U.7.1 Narada goes to Sanatkumaara and says "I have learnt Rgveda, etc,
but I am still sorrowful, teach me". To this Sanatkumaara replies "All these
are merely names. Meditate on Name (naama). Name indeed is Brahman".

All scriptures are a form of name. Even parts of speech other than Name such
as verbs and adverbs are also names of their respective functions. If Name
is Brahman, then it must be possible to realize Brahman through Name, even
for people who chose to "only study and not practice". All they have to do
is get to the bottom of this Name business.

The name of the highest reality is Brahman. People keep saying that one does
not understand Brahman by meditating on the word Brahman; but one can not
rule out the possibility that the word Brahman may have been phonetically
engineered to grant knowledge of the highest reality through meditation on
that word. Otherwise why would anybody give it a name?

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