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All we have to do is to gear up "to" the mechanisms of samaana.

(Prajna being the causal state, and Prana being the representation of that
Prajna, creation and destruction of objects and concepts is possible at the
level of Prana or below. At levels higher than Prana there could be no
creation and destruction.)

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 Bhadraiah Mallampalli wrote:
>>I am not sure about practice of advaita, or if advaita can ever be
>>meaningfully practiced,
>The function of Prana named samaana automatically balances our actions and
>draws back the objects created, usually soon after they are born unless we
>get interested in those objects and want to retain their existence. So
>advaita always happens. All we have to do is to gear up the mecahnisms of
>samaana. Just my 2 paisa.
>Best regards

Can you kindly explain the above paragraph a little more, probably with an example please ?


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