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Fri Jan 31 21:47:16 CST 2003

Namaste Ravi,

--- Ravi <ravi at AMBAA.ORG> wrote:
> For a good overview of the entire text, please refer
> to the English
> translation of shrI shrI bhaarati tiirtha's
> commentary Author nicely
> summarizes the text, giving what verses cover what.
> At home I use this book
> along with a nice Tamil translation of aNNaa
> subrahmaNya aiyar of  RKM.

I am surprised to know that shrI shrI bhArati tIrtha
Swamiji has written another commentary.

I have the english translation of the commentary in
sanskrit by Jagadguru shri shrI chandrashekara bhArati
Swamiji - shrI bhArati tIrtha swamiji's parama guru
(guru's guru). The shlokas are both in sanskrit and
english. This is 1988 bhAratIya vidya bhavan


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