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On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Erama Kiruttinan wrote:

> Namaste.
> "Nayars" or "Nairs" are actually shudras.
> They follow a matrilineal system.
> Hence  a Brahmin [ Nambudiri] man or a Kshatriya [Varma,Raja] man might have
> an alliance with a Nair woman. Their progeny belongs to 'Nair' caste. By
> this system, there are instances of paternal grandfather being a Brahmin, as
> he was belonging to Nambudiri community; father a Kshatriya as his mother
> was from Varma community and son a Shudra as his mother was from the Nair
> community.
> This is mindboggling, but this was the system being followed till very
> recently.

This is certainly strange when compared with the rest of India but not
without precedent.  Of the sons of Maharshi Vedavyasa, Shukadevaji was a
Brahmana (although he never underwent Upanayana) Pandu and Dhrtarashtra
were Kshatriyas, and Vidura was a Shudra.

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