Vishnu and Shiva

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Here are some verses that I found from the Satarudriya
section of the Yajur Veda. I ***highlighted*** the
portions that I thought were relevant to this
discussion. It is also my understanding that the
Satarudriya is the only portion of the Vedas that is
written in the namavali format...and it is in praise
of Rudra (I'm not sure if this is significant).

I apologize for not including the Sanskrit. The
translation is by Swami Krishnananda of the Divine
Life Society.

May that Divine Physician, ***First among gods,***
exalt me in His all-redeeming Transcendent Being;

Prostration be to Thee, O Lord, ***Ruler of the
universe,*** Great God Three-Eyed One, Destroyer of
the Tripuras, Death to the destructive Fire of the
three worlds at the end of Time, Terror to even to the
terrible Fire of Time, blue-necked one, Overcomer of
mortality, ***Overlord over everyone,*** Bestower of
Blessedness, Ever-Auspicious, the Blessed Great God -
to Thee prostration.

Prostration to the Primeval One and the ***Chief of

Prostration to Him who is the source of bliss,
spiritual as well as temporal; prostration to Him who
dispenses all happiness, heavenly as well as earthly;
prostration to Him who is the Auspicious One, ***and
is more auspicious than anything else.***


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> Namaskaar,
> PS: Please use sruti and not smriti to justify your
> answers. Thank you.
> Best Regards
> Kalyan

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