Vishnu and Shiva

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Please refer to my previous reply where I told why statements which say
Rudra as supreme must be interpreted in a different way.

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>Here are some verses that I found from the Satarudriya
>section of the Yajur Veda. I ***highlighted*** the
>portions that I thought were relevant to this
>discussion. It is also my understanding that the
>Satarudriya is the only portion of the Vedas that is
>written in the namavali format...and it is in praise
>of Rudra (I'm not sure if this is significant).
>I apologize for not including the Sanskrit. The
>translation is by Swami Krishnananda of the Divine
>Life Society.
>May that Divine Physician, ***First among gods,***
>exalt me in His all-redeeming Transcendent Being;
>Prostration be to Thee, O Lord, ***Ruler of the
>universe,*** Great God Three-Eyed One, Destroyer of
>the Tripuras, Death to the destructive Fire of the
>three worlds at the end of Time, Terror to even to the
>terrible Fire of Time, blue-necked one, Overcomer of
>mortality, ***Overlord over everyone,*** Bestower of
>Blessedness, Ever-Auspicious, the Blessed Great God -
>to Thee prostration.
>Prostration to the Primeval One and the ***Chief of
>Prostration to Him who is the source of bliss,
>spiritual as well as temporal; prostration to Him who
>dispenses all happiness, heavenly as well as earthly;
>prostration to Him who is the Auspicious One, ***and
>is more auspicious than anything else.***
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> > Namaskaar,
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> > PS: Please use sruti and not smriti to justify your
> > answers. Thank you.
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> > Best Regards
> > Kalyan
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