Measure of firmness (was Re: Dvaita and Sophistry - Part 1(The nature of difference) )

Somik Raha somik at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 13 15:21:17 CST 2003

Kalyan Chakaravarthy wrote:
> In the modern age, I think Sri Ramakrishna Matt has
> contributed largely to
> the spread of the advaitic message. Ultimately, the
> message is more
> important than even the texts that convey it.

Not related to the debate, but since you mention Sri
Ramakrishna with regard to Advaita, the saint was
approached by the Advaitins and Dvatins - each camp
asking him to endorse them over the other.

The sage said words to this effect - In the infinite
ocean of reality, supreme devotion solidifies water
into chunks of ice - which have definite form and
shape - that is dvaitavad. When the sun of knowledge
shines above, the ice melts and becomes one with the

Of course, I don't mean to interrupt your debate -
just thought this story was beautiful.


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