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The following works are noteworthy contributions in Vedanta after
the 15th century.

Shiva Geetha Bhashya by Sri Sachidananda Bharathi of Sri Sringeri
- published by Vani Vilas Press.

Short Prakaranas in Prose Style by Sri Sachidananda Shiva Abhinava
Narasimba Bharathi Swamigal of Sringeri Math
-- Published by Vani Vilas.  See Bhakthi Sudha Tarangini old

  A sub-commentary or advaita Sidhi by a senior Sringeri Acharya

Vaidika Dharma Nirnaya by the commentator of shiva geetha, partly

there has been one Sri Swami Sachidanandendra Saraswathi of
Karnataka who has written very good commentaries on the Mandukya
Upanishad, the Naishkarmya Sidhi of Sri Sureshvaracharya and an
original work on the Vedanta Prakriya.

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 vidya wrote :
>There has been  long lists of guru parampara in shringeri, kanchi
>and the mutts in the North.
>I would like to know if there is any comprehensive list of their
>outputs in the line of advaita vedanta (excluding stotra
>literature) inclusive of bhAShya , TIKA and the like, esp from
>the 15CE onwards.
>The only few works that I am aware of are shrI ChandrashEkhara
>bhArati's vivekacUDAmaNi bhAShyA and the works of
>paramashivendra sarasvati.
>I would appreciate if someone in the group could throw more light
>on this area?
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