The Tat Tvam Asi debate

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Shreeman S.M.S. Chari (both privately as well as in his book
VishishhTaadviata-Adviata) claims that Shreeman Anantakrishna Shaastri
has not responded to the points raised by Shree Vedanta Deshika in his
Sataduushhanii.  According to Shreeman Chari in the Shatabhuushani
Shaastriji only restated the adviata philosophy but not addressed the
specific issues.  I was planning to take up item by item as presented by
Sreeman Chari and address the issuees but that is pushed to the
wish-list to tbe done when I find time. But many of them might bave been
already addresed by Shree Madusuudhana Saraswati in his Advaita Siddhi.
Most of the objections are just hair-splitting dialectical arguments
that are based on Indian Tarka shaastra and may have little validity
from current understanding of the science of perception. Dharmaraja
Adviariindra has written "Vedanta paribhaasha" - a more classical work
to which I think Anantakrishna Shaastriji also wrote a commentary -  on
the theory of knowledge from the adviatic precpective. Some of the
dialectic arguments in the Satadhuushhani can be seen as selective
interpretations of the advatic schools (vivarana and bhaamati) and in
that sense Shree Ananata Krishna Shaastri may be fully right in just
restating the correct postion of Adviata in repsonse to Satadhuushanii.

Hari OM!

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