Help: Looking for Tamil Translation of Acharya's brahmasuutrabhaashhya

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Thanks Nanda. I have a beautiful book by Sri Somadeva Sharma on sandhya

Besides, doing a google search, I found that kaDalanguDi naTeSa SastrigaL
had published a 4-volume Tamil translation of BSB. There are two
publications (kadalangudi and jaishankar) they may be still publishing these

[source of this information:

During 1923-28 he published the Tamil translation of nine Vedic texts, six
Upanishads, the Brahmasutra Bhashya with Sankara's commentary in four
volumes, Srimad Bhagavatam in seven volumes, 12 books on astrology and 12
Stotra works. His monumental work was the publication of Narayaneeyam in
Tamil in five volumes.


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My mother retrieved a bunch of old books from her uncle's house. They were
Tamil translations of Shankaraachaaryaa's commentaries on the Upanishads.
Apparently a few decades back, a scholar by name Somadeva Sharma, who lived
in West Mambalam in Madras, used to publish a spiritual magazine which
included these translations.

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