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On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, K Anand wrote:

> Dear List members
> Is it true that Puraanaas are classified as Saatvic, Rajasic and
> Tamasic? If yes, on what basis? Who classified them so? And which are
> the respective puranaas.

Yes it is mentioned in several puranas themselves.  I know for some of
them but I'd have to look up the full list.  As to what practical
relevance such a classification has is unclear.  some of the later
Vaishnava sampradayas try to use this to show the parts of the Puranas
which extol Deities other than Vishnu Bhagavan are inferior but this
doesn't hold water.  The supposedly "tamasic" Skandapurana contains e.g.
Satyanarayana Katha, Vasudevamahatmya etc. Whereas the "sattvic"
Garudapurana contains stutis to Durga ma etc.

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