The sources of authority in Advaita Vedanta

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 I have a question, more out of curiosity and ignorance than out of any
other intentions ...

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> On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, ravi chandrasekhara wrote:
> > Recently there was an article by Mr Gupta,
> > Indian ambassador to Finland, which stated our shatras
> > prohibit casteism which has led to debates on many
> > discussion groups.
> A more pertinent subject for debate is why the Indian ambassador to
> Finland is expressing any opinion on this subject at all?  By the way, the

Why should he not be? If he were a serious thinker, then perhaps there is
value to be had in ascertaining his intentions here right?

> fact that he represents an ostensibly "Hindu nationalist" government
> should serve as a warning of the dangers of allowing _any_ politician to
> stick his nose where it doesn't belong.

One cannot just divorce from politicians a tool that is central as a theme
to use to cajole the masses. This (act of using socially popular themes to
advance as a politician) being their very nature, trying to eliminate that
is pointless in my opinion ...

> In general I am in favor of secularism because history has shown that on
> the whole it is good for religion to keep out of politics.  But for the
> same reason, I demand that politics stay out of religious matters.

 Would it not be better still to have a politician, or a set or statesmen if
you will, who can be enlightened and still know the value thereof, of
influencing public and popular opinion, that would simulataneously acheive
(a) betterment of his own political career and (b) prevent the masses from
being led astray by a worse politician, who has nothing but his own self
interst at heart ...?

Bascially I think, bereft of the noise, my question is: why can there not be
politician-statemen-philosophers? And if there can be such people, would
they not necessarily have to talk about socio-religious matters too?

If you deem this to be out of scope, I admit it is, but I would still be
interested in a private reply if you have time to put your wonderfull wits
to this question! Thanks!!

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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