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my name is peter ganick  or actually, preeta ganick, the name my
guru gave me about 6 years ago. i have been attending the rama-
krishna vedanta society in boston massachusetts since 1968, with
a hiatus in the 80s to attend the hartford (connecticut) friends
meeting (quakers). there i merely meditated in the vedanta fash-
ion as taught to me by my guru, swami sarvagatananda, of the
ramakrishna order. his guru was a direct disciple of sri rama-
krishna, so i feel particularly grateful to have swami sarvagata-
nanda for my guide.

i have read the brahma sutras, the crest-jewel of discrimination,
and other shorter texts that cant be brought to mind at the mom-
ent. in keeping with ramakrishna tradition, however, i dont limit
myself to the jnana approach and have read recently fruitfully
the narada bhakti sutras and teachings of sri sarada devi, rama-
krishna's wife.

i am married for 21 years and live in west hartford connecticut
u s a with my wife, carol, and two friendly welsh corgis (dogs),
named minou and tuba. i teach piano for money, specializing in
the teaching of young children, though i teach adults as well. also,
i have had 15 books of poetry published. from 1981-2000, i
was publisher of potes & poets press, a leading avant-garde
poetry publisher in the u s. now, my interests center around
vedanta, photography, and poetry. for a while i was very in-
volved with abstract painting in acrylics.

i feel i live a rich life and would like to be included on the list.
usually, when i'm on a list, i am a lurker, contributing rarely.
perhaps this will happen here, but i will be a careful listener.


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