Dvaita and Sophistry - Part 3(Inherent natures of jivas)

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Sat Mar 29 14:34:12 CST 2003


Same old questions.

1.How do you know that the qualities of jivas are eternally constant?

2.How do you know that the IshAvAsya Upanishad is talking about eternal

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I would like to give some pointers regarding the subject being discussed
here. Hope it serves the purpose.

The issue what I understood is ;

"How would one postulates eternal damnation to tamasic jIvis ?"

or more specifically ;

"How do we know jIvis have *unchanging* intrinsic nature so that they can be
labeled as sattva/rajas/tamas jIvis in the first place ?"

To address this particular issue, I invite you to take a look at Dvaita's
position and its scriptural support for 5th prameya located at the very same
site  http://www.dvaita.org/shaastra/prameya.html .

As one can notice, this position is discussed with support from Bhagavad
Gita, IshAvAsya Upanishad and most importantly the logic behind the basic
poorvapaXa's question like "But why can it not be argued that there are no
qualities of one's own nature, at all, but all qualities are merely acquired
by association?".

Since this whole thread started on objection to prameya # 4 from the very
website, it is quite truthful on one's part if one read and understand the
doctrine in its entirety as oppose to debate on bits & pieces.


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