Brahma Sutra Baashyam of Srikantha Sivaachaarya

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> > Is there a specific name for this text commented from a Saiva Siddhaantic
> > perspective? And is an English translation for this text available?
> Title: Doctrine of the Srikantha and other monotheistic schools of the
> Vedanta.
> Author: Chaudhuri, Roma
> Published: Calcutta, 1962

The Shrikanthabhashya is more well-known due its' commentary called
Shivarkamanidipika by Appaya Dikshita.  (Appaya Dikshita was a Shaiva
before he converted to Advaita Vedanta.)

The Nirnaya Sagara edition of both works with other related
commentaries was reprinted in 1986 by Naga Publishers, New Delhi.

Was this bhashya from Siddhanta or Vira Shaiva point of view?  I'm not

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