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>That is to say, in the deep sleep state, the
>jIva is actually immersed in Brahman, which is in all beings
>(sarvAntaryAmI). This is because the jIva desires nothing and sees no
>dreams, but remains as consciousness alone or as a "mass of consciousness"
>(prajnAna-ghana). However, the jIva may remain unaware of this, due to the
>fact that its associated ignorance has not been removed. On the other hand,
>as ignorance is not an ultimate eternal principle, in this state the
>equation with ISvara is done. For that matter, there is an equation of the
>individual self with the cosmic self in all states (viSva = sthUlabhuk,
>taijasa = praviviktabhuk and prAjna = Anandabhuk).

It is due to ignorance that jIva is experiences the three states. And it is
ignorance that causes the cosmic deities of the three states. If it is
intended to equate the jIva with the cosmic deities, then it is ignorance
which prevents us from doing so. If the non-eternality of ignorance is taken
as the reason to equate these entities, then it would defeat the very
purpose of these entities, for they exist only as long as ignorance exists.
Other problems, like confusion of fruits of karma, experiences etc. arise if
the cosmic deity is equated with jIva in the three states. It would also
amount to saying that Ishwara is affected by jIva's experiences. If it is
said that the equation is valid from only a paramarthik point of view, then
it amounts to saying that these deities exist in the paramarthik state,
which is a positive statement against vedanta as the fourth is called

Thus, the equation of jIva and brahman is valid only in the fourth state.

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