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[I am subscribed to a mailing list run by Swami Rajivalochanacharya who
belongs to Ramananda Sampradaya (Founded by the medieval
north Indian saint Swami Ramananda.  Philosophically they follow
Shribhashya)  This following piece by him is something we can all learn


Act now. Live now. Know now. Realize now. Be happy now. Paramanand

Every death is a reminder. Every bell that rings says, "The end is
near". Every day robs off from you one part of your precious life.
Therefore, you should be very earnest in plunging yourself in
constant Sadhana. Take the plunge now with me.

Never fall a victim to fruitless regret. Today is the best day. Today
is the day of your new birth. Start Sadhana now. With folded palms,
bid good-bye to past mistakes and faults. You have learnt your
lessons. March forward now with new hope, determination, and

Waver not. Fear not. Doubt not. Do something substantial in the path
of Sadhana instead of wasting your time in idle pursuits and
lethargy. You have infinite strength within you. There is a vast
reservoir of power within you. Therefore, do not lose heart.
Obstacles are stepping stones to success. They will develop your
will. Do not allow yourself to be crushed by them. Defects remind you
of perfection. Sin reminds you of virtue. Chose the positive path.

If you think, "I will take a bath when all the waves of the sea
subside", this is not possible. The waves will never subside and you
will never take a bath. Even so, if you think, "I will start
spiritual Sadhana or meditation when all my cares, worries and
anxieties cease, when all my sons are fixed up in life, when I have
ample leisure after retirement", this is not possible.

You will not be able to sit even for half an hour when you become
old. You will have no strength to do any rigorous Tapas when you are
in advanced senility.

You must start vigorous spiritual practices when you are young,
whatever your conditions, circumstances and environments may be. Then
only you will reap a rich spiritual harvest when you become old. You
will enjoy the everlasting peace of the Eternal.

Do not see what you neighbor is doing, what kind of sadhana is he
doing, is he getting more blessing from your guru. Your Guru taking
him to higher level. You are you, if you look at others then the your
eye is no longer on the "prize".

Any kind of sadhana is better than none. Once you start you will find
the "Path". End is one but path is many.

The Infinite alone is Bliss. Understand the truth through the
practice of Svadharma. This world is unreal. It is like a mirage.
Senses and mind are deceiving every moment.

Wake up. Open your eyes. Learn to discriminate. Do not trust your
Indriyas. They are your enemies. It is very difficult to get a human
birth. Life is short. Time is fleeting. Those who cling to unreal
things of this world are verily committing suicide. Struggle hard to
practise your Svadharma.

Keep the Devadhidev before your eyes always.

Have a programme of life. Attempt to realise the ideal. Stick to your
daily spiritual practices with leech-like tenacity. Practise it and
realise Sat-chit-ananda state right now in this very birth. Have a
smile on your face that comes from within

[Our acharya gave the same advice in stotras such as Bhaja Govindam.
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