vishNu purANa - English translation

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at AMBAA.ORG
Mon May 5 19:32:34 CDT 2003

Srinivasan Sriram wrote:

> The beauty and majesty of these works cannot be hidden by corrupt
> translations
> and IMHO access to them is of greater value than no access. Tamil & Telugu
> works unfortunately equal no access to the English reader.

The book sold by the website cited, has original devanaagari along with
English translation. One can always make an attempt to read the original,
(with the help of dictionaries etc) and compare it with translation. I
attempt to do this for the texts I have at home, over a period of time, I am
even able to make sense out of the original without the translation.  It is
not only a very  enriching experience but also necessary to get the
technical words in original language (which most of us understand due to our


Reading translations in languages like Telugu is fine. But in Tamil it is
definitely not good, the way the sanskrit words are smudged in Tamil is
unpardonable. You should have the original devanagari as a guide. Often
times, you do not know what the correct spelling and pronunciation of the
word it. I hope Tamil aastika-s  will start using grantha characters* and
fulfil the dream of shrii shrii chandrasekharendra sarasvatii swamigaL.

As you pointed out, there are other non-shriivaishhNava translations of
vishhNu PuraNa  in Tamil, I have read one when I was in high school, I do
not remeber the details now.



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