Ribhu Gita - Part of Shiva Rahasya only

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 6 12:59:45 CDT 2003

>> Could you give us details of publication?
>Here are the contact details of that library:

Thanks for the link, but by details of publication, one usually means, the
following information -

Title of book, Name(s) of author(s)/editor(s)/translator(s), Year of
publication, Volume number (if part of a series), Page number(s) (if a
specific reference is made)

Often, and this is a problem especially with Indian writers nowadays, a
statement is made, "See The Upanishads, Calcutta." With so many books being
published titled "Upanishads" and with so many publishers in a city like
Calcutta, how is a reader expected to find out anything?

Best wishes,

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