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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon May 12 00:08:46 CDT 2003

On Sat, 10 May 2003, S.V.SWAMY wrote:

> Dear Shri Vyas,
> While it is always preferable to go the original, first-hand source of
> knowledge, reading even a corrupt translation and a commentary is the first
> faltering step.

I agree in the abstract.  But I'm asking practically that in this day and
age, why is it necessary to take first faltering steps when we have the
ability to take leaps and bounds?  Vaman Bhagavan covered Heaven and Earth
in two steps!

> The misconceptions can always be corrected as one goes
> along.

By whom?  If there are no educated people than who will do the correcting?

> What is important,in my view, is that one should ahve an open mind
> and must be willing to learn. Dogma is like a closed door for the mind.

Yes definitely but the quality of what one learns is also important
otherwise the most brilliant mind is useless.  In the computer field there
is a saying "garbage in, garbage out" meaning no matter how powerful the
computer and software, if the input data is low quality, the results will
be low quality.

I'm not even going as far as saying Wilsons translation is 'corrupt.'
Only that it is not ideal and it should only be a last resort if there is
nothing better.

> If everyone could go to the original, there will be no need for
> translators, commentators or for this type of lists!!!

Believe me, I will dance with joy the day we have to fold the list becase
all its members have become Rshis!

List member S. Sriram is starting a project to make the full text of the
Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English dictionary (the most comprehensive
dictionary of its kind) available online.  If you or any other reader can
volunteer some time to help him, not only will you increase your own
ability to 'go to the original' but you will be performing a sterling
service to future generations so the 'originals' will not be lost to them.

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