[Advaita-l] New Guruprasads!!!

Guru Venkat v_vedanti at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 16:45:57 CDT 2003

A new member was introduced today :
My Name is gurupasad aged 36, I live in US , Born and
educated in India and US. I'm intersted in the
advaitic view of Vedanta. I have heard about a lot
about the sastra and read the postings, So i would
like to join the listings to learn more. My primary
faith is Dvaita philosophy, and there is a need to
understand the Poorva Paksha. Thus I would like to
subscribe for the list.

Guruprasad. "
It appears this Gentleman has the same name as me, Guruprasad. And incidentally I had joined this list only a day before!!   Hence to differentiate between the two of us, I'll sign my name as Prasad Venkat or PV.
Thanks and Regards
Prasad Venkat

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