[Advaita-l] RE: Dasa Avatars(In response to Shri B. Shankar)

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan_kc at hotmail.com
Sun May 18 19:17:05 CDT 2003


>I am surprised then that Sri Sankaracharya has written commentaries to the
>Karikas. Is there any place in the Karika-bhashya where Sankaracharya has
>disagreed (strongly or otherwise) with Sri Gaudapadacharya's statements?
>Till I find such evidence and understand it for myself, I will take the 
>of the Acharyas that Gaudapadacharya's Karikas are vedanta only.

Fortunately, you need not depend on my judgement. You can go through the 
karikas yourself. You will find statements saying that the Self Itself is 
deluded. It is up to you whether or not you want to believe that to be in 
tune with vedanta.

Best Regards

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